Monday, November 23, 2009

My PAiA Modular and its Power Consumption

I was doing a little work on my PAiA modular today as I wait for the FaderLube to come for the ARP Axxe. I was rearranging the cabinet and making an auxiliary cabinet when I realized it would be very handy for me to make a list of the modules that I'm using in the PAiA system and how much voltage they need to be powered. Here's what my list looks like right now:

PAiA 2720 VCA: +18v, +9v
PAiA 2720-2A VCO: +/-9v
PAiA 2720-3L LPF: +18v
PAiA 2720-4 Function Generator: +18v
PAiA 2720-11 Envelope Follower: +/- 9v

PAiA 4710 Modulator/VCA: +18v, +/-9v
PAiA 4711 Mixer: +/- 9v
PAiA 4720 VCO (x2): 9v
PAiA 4730 VCF: +/-9v
PAiA 4740 Envelope Generator (x2) +18v
PAiA 4750 Control Oscillator: +18v
PAiA 4771 Regualted Power +/-9v, +18v

CGS04 DC Mixer: +/- 15v
CGS03 Psycho LFO: +/-15v
CGS30 BPF: +/- 15v
CGS35 Steiner VCF: +/-15v
CGS52 Simple Wave Folder +/-15V
MFOS Sample & Hold w/ White Noise: +/-15v

CGSRR Real Ring Modulator: Passive
Multiples (x2): Passive

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