Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Panels Being Cut

I went to the metal/junk recyclers and found some really cheap 75" x 4 3/5" aluminum panels ($1 each). I had originally planned to go strictly 4u with my modular build but I figured that because I'm not actually going to be swapping any Buchla panels in and out of this machine, that I may as well buy these. One of the downsides of buying this metal as that I had originally planned on having one or two 8.5" panels, but this metal isn't wide enough for that. Still, it's cheap and I can work around that. There was some other metal I was interested in as well but there was no way that I would of been able to fit it in my small car.

So I bought five of these metal sheets and took them to a local metal fabricator to have cut at 4u. One of those sheets will be cut down the middle and then cut every 7". I'm hoping they make good panels.

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