Thursday, June 2, 2011

More PAiA

Work has been unbelievably hectic, but fortunately in a good way. Apologies for the utter lack of updates. I've been working on a few projects but for the most part I've been concentrating on other things. If interested, I put some tracks and noises up on Soundcloud. There's really no reason to rush over there and listen, but you're welcome to if interested.

Here's some more PAiA pics. The project is essentially done for now as I'm moving on to the large DIY modular which I've been planning for some time.

If interested, the modules in the pictures are:

Top Left Wood Cabinet (left to right)
CGS Psycho LFO, Envelope Follower, 2720 VCA, blank, CGS DC Mixer
Second Row: PAiA Power Wing (altered for DC power in and mults), 2720 Function (Envelope Generator), blank panel, DIY octave divider

Top Right Wood Cabinet (left to right, then down)
Mixer (not built by me), 2720 Envelope Follower, 2720 Function (Envelope) Generator, 2720 Second Row:
2720 Power (with attenuater/mults/bias) , 2720 VCO, 2720 BPF

Left Paia Cabinet:
Top left to right
4711 Mixer, 2720 VCO, DIY Clock/Square Wave Generator, power in
Second Row:
4710 Balanced mod/VCA, 4720 VCO, 4720 VCO, 4730 VCF

Right Cabinet
Top Left to right:
CGS Steiner VCF, 2720 LPF, 2720 VCA, 4740 Envelope Generator, 4740 Envelope Generator
CGS BPF, 4750 Control Oscillator (LFO)/Noise, 2720 Envelope Follower, MFOS Dual VCA, MFOS VC Sample and Hold and CGS Real Ring Mod

I have a Condor and MFOS Wall Wart PSU. I prefer them to the oldschool PAiA power.

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