Monday, June 1, 2009

The Paia 4771 Regulated Power Supply and Distribution

Although I can see some advantages to the original Paia power distribution method the caps in the distro and PSU are leaking badly. If you look closely you can see some pretty electrolytic crystals.

Therefore, I got a Condor +/- 15V PSU and a DIY +/- 9V PSU and some CGS distribution boards. This should make things a bit more manageable. The 2720 and 4700 systems will run fine on 15V.

The power module panel will still serve as a great bias.

The 4700 distribution method

Power regulator which is leaking electrolytic fluid badly.

Most of the brown stuff on the side of these caps is the glue that was used to secure them into the cabinet. The reddish brown stuff on the top of the caps is not glue..

Here's how the 4771 works..

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