Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nice Older DIY Synth Books (That Don't Use SSM & CEM Chips)

I’ve been reading through two really amazing books on building analog synthesizers recently that I got out of inter-library loan. The first is Brice Ward' s (1975) Electronic music circuit guidebook. This book has a bunch of good information about the Paia 2720 and Gnome as well as many original circuits. The GF was actually kind enough to scan much of this book for me at her work.

The second book is Delton Horn's (1984) Music synthesizers: A manual of design and construction. This book is absolutely great. Many very interesting ideas and circuits that you can still build. I actually found a good deal on this book online and bought it outright.

The great thing about these books, as opposed to Barry Klein's (1982) Electronic Music Circuits, is that most of the designs are either completely discrete or utilize something easy to find (and not CEM or SSM chips).

Be sure to check out this great thread at Muff about good modular synth books

Also, I cannot express enough how much I want to join the Electronotes secret society. These people seem really really cool and I'd love to gander at that "stack of papers" they send you.


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  2. If you're local (in Oregon), perhaps.