Sunday, November 15, 2009

Re-Wiring the PAiA 4771 Regulated Power

As some might remember from my two previous posts on 11/1/2009 and 6/1/2009 I had re-appropriated the 4771 Regulated Power panel after pulling the PCB. After using my own power source, I had decided to remove the 4771 PCB, which had some badly leaking electrolytic caps, and replace it with a MFOS Sample and Hold which was wired to a René Schmitz white noise circuit.

After reading through Brice Ward's (1975) book, I saw the value in the way PAiA distributed potential power to other modules. It's kind of quirky, yet useful. Therefore I've decided to re-hook up the board and replace all of the caps.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the Sample and Hold circuit. It's a really handy circuit to have in the synth. Originally PAiA had s Sample and Hold on their keyboard interface. Perhaps I'll include one on the interface device I'm planning now..

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