Sunday, May 30, 2010

Current Draw for PAiA 2720 and 4700 Modules

Below is the current draw for most early PAiA modules. An amp, as you probably know, represents the amount of energy being consumed by each module. Make sure you don't get amps and voltage confused. There's a lot of great resources out there for learning about these units of measurement.

PAiA 2720 Modular Series Synthesizer:
2720-2 (VCO): +/-9v @25ma
2720-5 (Control Osc.): 18v @ 1.75ma
2720-9 (Glide) +/-9v @1.5 (each)
2720-11 (Env. Follower): +9v @6.5ma, -9v @ 7.5ma
Keyboard +9v@ 1.5ma. -9v @3ma, 18v @ 1ma

The original PAiA transformers that I've seen are
center-tapped 120v/12.6v at (I think) 100ma.

I'm going to get around to measuring the modules that aren't listed at some point.

PAiA 4700 Series Modular Synthesizer:
4710: +18v @10ma, +9v @ 1.5ma, -9v @7ma
4711: +/-9v @ 4ma
4712: +/-9v @ 3.5ma
4720: 9v @ 20ma
4730: +9v @ 15ma, -9v @25ma
4740: +18v @ 17ma
4750: 18v @ 1.75ma
4760: +18v @ 50ma, +/-9v @ 1ma
4762: +/-9v @ 25ma, 18v @ 25ma*
4770: (Watt Block): 117v 50/60khz, +/-9v @100ma or 18v @100ma (out)
4780: +18v @50ma, +/-9v @1ma

* Includes 2720-8 and 2720-9 circuitry.

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